Sr. Rachel Morrissette, p.m. Testimonial

Sisters of the Presentation of Mary
Provincial House
495 Mammoth Road Manchester, New Hampshire 03104

December 15, 2004

To Whom It May Concern:

I have benefited from Reiki treatments particularly from persons who come to our Health Care Facility on Mammoth Road. They offered to come to our adjacent home if we wanted to have Reiki.

I have a brain tumor that is shrinking due to the wonderful treatment at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Hospital in Lebanon. I am most grateful, however, for the staff from The New England Reiki Center for their presence at our facility every two weeks. They have made themselves available to me. I find Reiki has brought reduction of stress, it is gentle and totally positive. It does not oppose religious beliefs but brings one closer to their own faith. Reiki makes one realize how much God has made available to use if we clam it. There is no limit to God's power and this is one way that God's energy is transmitted through others. Those people I have met from the Center are all people who readily admit being a channel that helps a person accept their own healing energy.

I believe in Reiki and support the people who bring it to the lives of others. There is so much tension and pain in the world that it is good to know that some people dedicate themselves to helping persons heal from physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wounds.


Sister Rachel Morrissette, p.m.