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Reiki (ray-key)

Alongside conventional medicine, Reiki is one of the most frequently used therapies in many clinics, wellness centers, and hospitals worldwide. Research has shown that Reiki maintains and enhances health while reducing stress and anxiety. Reiki is the missing link for the spiritual and emotional connection to your body. Healing may require time; it is a process of transformation. The power of touch is natural and nourishing to our bodies. Reiki is safe and gentle. Reiki accesses the built-in wisdom and intelligence of the body.


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Universal Life Energy

Reiki means "universal life energy" - the energy that surrounds us and flows through us to sustain and nourish us. Reiki is believed to be thousands of years old, a common practice among many ancient civilizations. Documented as an ancient hands-on healing art, it was rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan in the 1800s and later brought to the Western world by Hawayo Takata in the 1940s.

Reiki has no religious affiliations. Read how Reiki has helped Sr. Rachel...

Reiki benefits all ages and stages of life.


A "Hands-On" Approach

Reiki uses a gentle, "hand-on" approach to bring the body into balance on all levels-physical, mental, and emotional. When we are ill or stressed, our energy flow becomes blocked. A Reiki practitioner is able to facilitate the flow of the universal life energy into a client's body. Once absorbed, the energy automatically goes where it is most needed.


A Complementary Therapy

Today, Reiki is being used world-wide in many clinics, wellness centers, and hospitals alongside more conventional medicine to promote health and accelerate wound healing. A substantial percentage of the American population makes use of some form of complementary or alternative therapy to enhance healing or maintain health.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in a Reiki session?

While the client is seated or lying down, fully clothed, the practitioner gently lays hands on various parts of the client's body. Soft music plays in the background, and the client relaxes for the duration of the session, often with eyes closed.


How long does it take?

An average Reiki session in a hospital room lasts approximately twenty minutes. A full-body private treatment takes one hour. Chair Reiki can be done in as little as ten minutes.


What does Reiki feel like?

Some people feel warmth, tingling, coolness, and/or a natural, deep relaxation during or after Reiki. Please note: It is best to drink plenty of water after a session to remove toxins released by the body.


Do I need Reiki if I am healthy?

Research has shown that Reiki maintains and enhances health while reducing the stress and anxiety that lead to illness. It can also boost your immune system.


Are some practitioners better than others?

Some may have more experience than others, but that does not make them better. As in anything, it is best to work with someone with whom you feel comfortable. All our practitioners are equally knowledgeable and well trained.