Debbie Griseuk - Reiki Journey / Biography

Debbie GriseukDebbie Griseuk is a Reiki Master / Teacher, Practitioner, and cofounder and President of The New England Reiki Center, Inc. Debbie's journey to Reiki was a long and interesting road that started in 1994 as she sat by her mother's side, day by day, for over 11 months. Her mother, Rosalie, was dying of an incurable brain tumor. Debbie was feeling helpless and inadequate that she was not a gifted brain surgeon who could somehow fix the inoperable tumor for her mother. She then went on to promise herself and her mother two things; that she would find a way to never feel helpless again, and somehow repay the kindness and sanity that hospice brought to the situation during their time of need.

After her mother's passing, Debbie went back to her work in the Bahamas, where she had worked for many years as an Interior Design Project Manager. In September of 1999, hurricane Floyd just dropped in on the island while Debbie was at work. During the 48-hour duration of the category 5 hurricane, with 155 mile an hour winds coming and going, she went outside at 3:00 am and stood in the eye of the storm. Being from New England and not knowing that coconuts and fruit could fly, she rubbed her back where the mango hit, and vowed for a second time to find a way to never feel helpless again!

As they say, the third time was the charm. After returning home to Merrimack, NH, Debbie heard what sounded like a loud voice in the middle of the night (at 3:00 am) saying to her that she needed to go to work for hospice now. Even though she knew it was probably only a dream, in November of 1999 she went to work for hospice as a companion not really knowing why she was there. During her bereavement training, it became obvious why she was there. They were building a first of its kind model hospice house. Without hesitation, she volunteered her time and Interior Design project management experience to coordinate the interior details, and installed the Merrimack Hospice House in November of 2000. She then, for the last time, vowed to find a way to help the residents.

In December of 2000, as suggested by a family member, she attended an informational talk about Reiki at St. Joseph hospital. She discovered Reiki when the instructor said, "You will never be helpless again! With Reiki, there is always something you can do in any situation." She knew immediately that this is what she had been searching for, and had a familiar feeling like coming home. Debbie then went on to learn Reiki I and II and was clear that this is what she was supposed to do for the rest of her life. Reiki needs to be known and available to everyone. As a business owner, she knew how to put together the concepts of starting a company. Her business partner and several practitioners also agreed that a Reiki service was very much needed and thus The New England Reiki Center was formed.

RalphieIn 2003, the Reiki Center practitioners started the St. Joseph Hospital pilot Reiki program. She was instrumental in taking the program forward, and helped to develop the forms and procedures needed to bring Reiki to the patients in their hospital rooms.

It was also in 2003, that Debbie was called back to the Hospice House, this time for Reiki. Her assignment was to assist a resident with their transition in the end of life. This is when she realized that Reiki was the missing link between the spiritual and emotional connection to our bodies.

She then joined a group of practitioners to provide Reiki to the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary convent in Manchester. It was here that she was able to give Reiki to one of the Sisters that had a brain tumor that has since gone into remission.

Debbie is consistently involved in bringing Reiki to the community, and manages a bimonthly Reiki Wellness Clinic at the Parish Nursing Center in Nashua. She also maintains her own practice and sees clients for house calls and private treatments.

She became a Reiki Master / Teacher in 2004, the highest level of attainment in Reiki, so that she could teach and develop programs for practitioners to gain experience. Debbie designed the first Reiki Internship Program, which gives practitioners an avenue to develop their skills, build their confidence and continue their growth and education.

PatinaDebbie brings unique experience to the table when teaching Reiki I & II classes. At the request of the new practitioners she also runs a monthly "Keep in Touch" class for all Reiki students to review their training and share their experiences with each other.

In 2005 she is now giving "Discover Reiki" presentations and teaching Reiki to the students at Daniel Webster College in Nashua. As the awareness in our society grows to linking the mind, body and spirit, she has found that young people are drawn to understanding the significance of this concept.

The most profound effect Reiki has had in her own life has to do with her blue Maine Coon cat named Patina Serina. Debbie got Patina in 1994, when her mom was dying, as a symbol of new life. At her first examination, the vet discovered that the cat had a defective heart valve and wasn't expected to live more than 2 or 3 years. Tufts University cardiologists confirmed the diagnosis and said there was nothing they could do to help her. She did better than expected for the next few years but was starting to fade right around the time Debbie learned Reiki. The cat then came to her and seemed to want Reiki, so this has been continued daily for the past few years. As of April of 2009, Patina will be 15 years old and shows no signs of illness.

Debbie's prior work experience includes a background in Master Planning in high-tech, for high volume and custom designed products, which she did for over 8 years. She also has 14 years in Project Management, Purchasing, Importing and Exporting for high-end residential Interior Design, including 10 years as a partner at her own company.