The Tom Burn Family Testimonial

November 22, 2004

St. Joseph Hospital
172 Kinsley St.
Nashua, NH 03060

Attention: Marybeth Perkins
Subject: Reiki hospital care

Dear Ms. Perkins,

In May, 2003, my wife Marie was a patient at your fine hospital recovering from a serious stroke for about four months. It was during that time that my wife and our family were first introduced to Reiki. Debbie and the Reiki staff came to her hospital room one day in May and asked if Marie would like to try receiving Reiki. Debbie explained it would complement Marie's medical care. Reiki was found to be comforting, soothing and peaceful to Marie. After her first session, my wife felt an inner peace and calm that helped her relax and she was better able to cope with her situation. From that day on the Reiki ladies faithfully came a few times a week to help my wife.

As my family and I observed the Reiki staff, we found them consistently to be very professional, kind, knowledgeable and dedicated to the highest standards for the four month period. They gave tirelessly in providing comfort, both physically and mentally, to my wife and family. My wife so much looked forward to their Reiki visits as we did after seeing the comfort it brought her.

One night 14 lovely Reiki ladies volunteered to return to give my wife a Reiki session at 7 p.m. Incredible, all these dedicated ladies, all with home responsibilities came in especially to ease my wife's pain and suffering.

Then my wife was transferred to Harborside Rehabilitation & Nursing Home in Bedford, NH. After a short period of time, she had a second stroke and back to SJH she went. This stroke was more serious than the first one and she lost her ability to speak and move her body except for her right hand. Marie and my daughters worked out a system for communicating. My wife would squeeze their hands on the correct letter of the alphabet to spell out what she needed or wanted. During one of these communictions my wife spelled out "REIKI".

For the last five months of my wife's illness, while at harborside, the Reiki ladies came each and every week with the same professionalism and positive attitude, to give my wife Reiki. Astounding humans all.

In August, 2004, two of my daughters, Mary and Ann, wanted to learn Reiki from Debbie as they had seen the results and experienced them first hand. One of the things that I found profoundly comforting about this was knowing that my daughters would never be helpless again. With Reiki, as Debbie explained, there is always something that can be done to help in any situation.

I learned that for myself when I was rushed to SJH emergency room in September of 2004 and later admitted for tests and evaluation. While in the ER my daughters gave me Reiki while waiting for the doctor. When the doctor arrived and inquired what my daughters were doing, they calmly explained they were giving me Reiki. The doctor's response was "please continue, that's just as important as what I'm doing". So, they all worked together to relieve my stress. Debbie and the Reiki ladies came to my hospital room but this time to assist my daughters with giving me Reiki.

My wife's cousin, Carl Amelio, many times spoke of St. Joe's multitalented capabilities and professional qualities. He was certainly right on target. We now look upon your hospital as "Mother St. Joe's" because you have all the healing talent, warmth and love of a dear mother.

I am writing this letter as part of my own healing and in support of your foresight of combining Reiki with your compassionate medical care. Thank you for all you have done.


The Burns Family,




(Tom address removed for posting on the web)